• Eggs have a porous shell and can absorb odours from its immediate surrounding. Eggs should therefore not be stored along side opened containers of onions, garlic, fish or other such strong smelling foods.
  • Eggs must be handled with care because they are fragile.
  • Egg containers should not be opened but remain thoroughly closed.
  • Cracked eggs should be removed from the display.
  • Eggs are marked with a Sell Buy Date and should be rotated accordingly with new stock.
  • A First in first out policy should apply.
  • Eggs must be stored at an ambient temperature, (below 21°C.)
  • Eggs must not be stored in a refrigerated room and then be moved out on to the shops display floor where the temperature is ambient. A cold egg lef out at room temperature can sweat, facilitating the growth of bacteria and damp. The damp can cause the egg shell to form mildew on it and go stale within days.
  • For the same reason eggs should not be stored next to heat generating devices or equipment.
  • Damaged eggs hould be returned with the next delivery and not kept until stale.
  • Egg stock must be monitored daily to prevent an out of stock situation.
  • Egg display units must be kept neat and fully stocked at all times.

Should any problems arise please do not hesitate to contact us.

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